mentoring    -     2 / 3 / 4  months

consisting of  :

fleshing out existing work   

and / or  

 portfolio work 


*draw-overs with no feedback

- throughout the   2 / 3 / 4 months.

When I was first beginning to draw characters I wanted to have a professional draw atop my work to help guide me in my growth.   I later found that pros do this during internships atop of their mentees work to help guide them, where the drawings themselves can teach so much about the potential of character than I would think possible on my own.

I am a character artist that is an alumni of CalArts Character Animation and has worked for Disney, Pixar, Kuku and  Netflix Animation - with 10 plus years of experience.

By drawing atop your whole character, my draw-overs can serve as suggestive ideas - and you can use them and disassemble them however you wish to in photoshop using the warp tool etc.  Where you can critically think how best your drawing can progress.

Additionally, on social media your drawings can speak volumes.   Each new post on your social could benefit from this service during the  2 / 3 / 4 months.


mentoring for  2 months 

return time 0 - 3 days, each time submitted throughout the 2 months.

$  1,600

mentoring for  3 months 

return time 0 - 3 days, each time submitted throughout the 3 months.

$  1,800

mentoring for  4 months 

return time 0 - 3 days, each time submitted throughout the 4 months.

$  2,200

0 - 3 days means that if you were to send me a couple drawings, then I could return it back to you within the day. But if you sent me too many characters to handle within that day, then it would take several days to return the draw overs back to you.


  • I loosely draw atop in colored line 
  •  returned back to you in a psd. file

Disclaimer. Posted 3/10/ 24.  Prices are correct at time of publication but may change without notice with the exception of confirmed bookings.

Feel free to ask questions and inquire of my availability below, before you purchase in the above link